C118 Portable Tachometers, Handheld Tachometer


Mobile Monitor C118 for Detection of Speed

The BRAUN C118 hand-held tachometer is used for a quickly performed speed check, and for longer term studies as well. For inspection and maintenance, to optimize and adjust drives, at rolls, spindles, and other objects. At paper, textile and foil applications.

The C118 tachometer can handle up to 1 million RPM (0 Hz…100 kHz). Its 6 digit LCD display is reading speed by selectable units /min or /sec or other units.
The operation mode can be selected by a push-button between straight tachometer function and use of incorporated programmable computing facilities.
Its signal input is universally designed and fits for BRAUN sensors and wheel pulse transmitters.
The analog output 0…4 V is short circuit protected with a source impedance of 100 ohms. Its TTL pulse output (5 V) is square wave shaped, with its sequence repeating the input.

The C118 tachometer is fast and easy to handle and due to its mobile use very easy to adjust to the required application. All sensors can be connected directly via plug-in or via flexible extension cable.

Key Features

  • Frequency range 0 Hz…100 kHz
  • Reading /min or /sec or other units
  • 6 digit LCD Display (10 mm)
  • Universal Signal Input for all BRAUN sensors and wheel pulse transmitters
  • 1 Analog Output 0…4 V
  • 1 TTL Pulse Output
  • RS232 Data Interface (optional)
  • Power Supply by battery, cell or mains


  • Fast, flexible and easy handling
  • Easy adjustment to the application due to mobile use
  • Sensors to directly plug-in or via flexible extension cable

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